Kristin is known for her dedication in doing her part to help people improve their intimate connections through counseling and education in the areas of sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, and relationships! Below are a few examples of how she shares her voice in the lively and meaningful dialogue of improving the sexual health of our community!



Mormon Matters Podcast

Mormon Sex Info

Mormon Mental Health Podcast


97.1 ZHT - Morning Zoo

  • Increasing Sexual Desire


Mormon Transitions Retreat

  • Single and Progressive Mormon Sexuality as a Single, Progressive Mormon

Sunstone Symposium

  • Navigating Sexuality as a Single Mormon -2016
  • Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist – 2017
  • Healing from Religious Sexual Shame – 2017

Mormon Mental Health Association Annual Conference

  • Boundaries with Mormon Clients -2017

2017 AASECT Annual Conference panel presentation