Sex Myth #10: Men Always Want More Sex Than Women

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Topic: Male low (inhibited) sexual desire

Resources sited in this video and other related information for your studying and research pleasure include:

Book: Rekindling Desire by: Barry and Emily McCarthy
Book: Mating in Captivity by: Esther Perel

Rock on!

*Disclaimer #1 – This video contains information that some may consider explicit, not suitable for the workplace or better saved for when not around sensitive company.

**Disclaimer #2 – Due to the information in the Sex Myths Series being targeted toward a general audience, much if the information is generalized and attempts to take down myths that are over-generalized to begin with. Sexuality is experienced so differently from person to person and it is my hope to address a range of sexuality myths throughout the year, that most people will be able to relate from time to time.

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