Sex Myth #8: Not Saying No is the Same As Giving Consent

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Topic: Consent 

Consent is a topic that continues to gain traction in the parenting and behavioral health worlds! Intimate and sexual assertiveness include skills requiring insight and practice. Reality is some experiences can come before these assertiveness skills are developed. Watch this video for some quick tips about what consent looks like and why it’s so important for people of all ages to understand and value!

Resources sited in this video and other related information for your studying and research pleasure include:


Rock on!

*Disclaimer #1 – This video contains information that some may consider explicit, not suitable for the workplace or better saved for when not around sensitive company.

**Disclaimer #2 – Due to the information in the Sex Myths Series being targeted toward a general audience, much if the information is generalized and attempts to take down myths that are over-generalized to begin with. Sexuality is experienced so differently from person to person and it is my hope to address a range of sexuality myths throughout the year, that most people will be able to relate from time to time.

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