Naked and Afraid?

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I loved chatting with Elena Rubin from Elite Daily about getting more comfortable going au naturel in the bedroom! A person’s relationship with their body can shift dramatically throughout their lifespan. For most people, this relationship isn’t necessarily experienced as *all good* or *all bad.* In real life, it can be pretty complicated, where they may have parts of their body that they feel pretty good about and others that make them cringe! Regardless, a person’s body-image can deeply impact their relationship toward the self, their relationship(s), and toward sexuality, in general. Learning how to quiet the mind and prioritize sharing pleasure and connection (amongst other things) over how desirable one feels can be quite the task – but totally doable! Hope you enjoy reading just a few simple thoughts about a topic I would never want to oversimplify!#kristinmarie #kristinmariecst #certifiedsextherapist #bodyimage #bedroom #sexualityscholar #jouissanceadvocate #sextherapy #connection #utahsextherapy #sexpolitics


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