We are Relational Beings

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“We, humans, are relational beings.”

Session after session with my clients, I find myself saying variations of the above sentence. I truly believe the overwhelming majority of us humans simply are not meant to exist on this earth as if we exist on an island.

It is beautiful to realize there are so many ways of finding meaningful connections in this life! If we look, we can often see people who are in a place where they want (and have access to) connection of the romantic type, while others find deep meaning in connecting through friendship and family relationships. There are even those who have access to the trifecta of meaningful romantic, familial, “and” friendship connections, as well as, there being so many who simply yearn to have even one.

Simply put, I believe the need to connect – to be seen, recognized, witnessed and known – is one of the most real, necessary human needs in existence.

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