Sex in the Mormon News

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I had the privilege of chatting with @natasha and @aimee a few weeks ago for the #sexinthemormonnews podcast about the Joseph Bishop scandal. For those who aren’t familiar, this is referencing a sexual assault that was reported by a young female missionary over thirty years ago and dismissed by multiple church authorities for decades.

I know that this is a very sensitive topic; and, while I do not mean any disrespect, I feel it is incredibly important to make sure all stories are heard – particularly the stories that expose just how damaging it can be when people aren’t believed. Repeatedly.

There are a handful of us who (because of our jobs) hear way too many stories like this – and, honestly, hearing one story is already one too many. I really hope that those who listen, can hear our plea as mental health professionals. That we sincerely hope only for the most important things to change; that, perhaps, in this “Me Too” movement, the LDS Church can do what it needs to to be rid of antiquated ways of handling reports of sexual abuse and do everything the church can to prevent abuse of ecclesiastical authority.

From the podcast:

Compared to many other podcasts I’ve done with Natasha, this particular podcast brought a “… strikingly different tone in it, and I think that’s really appropriate. I’m proud of that, because this topic crosses so many lines for me – on a personal level, on a professional level, [and] on an ethical/moral level.”

“I think there is an appropriate place for anger and frustration, and I think that compassion can be very fierce (an idea a dear friend @caroleclements shared with me), and I fully embrace that type of fierceness. My heart hurts out of compassion…” and I, honestly, “think that there is room for being quite upset about this.” – KMB

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