Consolation and Comfort

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Allow me to rejoice on that ever present smile that settled upon your face,

                       restoring this vitality in me

I never once knew I had inside my being.

                       There is no coherent explanation as to how you make me feel.

                       Let me understand your hidden desires, since you hide behind the troubles of your past.

                       Don’t treat me as if I’m a temporary tenant in the secured and turbulent shelter you call mind.

You are my warmth and my longing.

                       Share your passions and your unpleasantries.

                       Know that I’m here to stay.

                       Hand me the keys to your residence, so we both together patch up your insecurities and nasty numbness.

                       I will sweep away the hurt and alienate the emptiness, shed water to your plants, discover the beauty you can grant them.

                       Consolation and comfort all wrapped up in the personification that is you.”

~ Pat

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