Music and Me

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This picture was taken when I was sitting on the grass with friends, surrounded by thousands of strangers, listening to the amazingness that is live music. I love this pic because I feel like it really captured the aesthetic of that space – and when I look at it, it takes me right back to feeling the way I did in that very moment.

I have always been very moved by music, but there is something so profound for me when I get to enjoy music, and even more so when I get to share amazing music with other people. Whether it’s on a boat, at a concert, karaoke craziness or just relaxing and catching up, music is undoubtedly what has put such vibrant color into my life. It is through music that I have learned more about myself and this world, been able to access deeper parts of my personhood, and connect so much deeper with people I care about.

I would love to hear if music has had a similar impact on your life? If so, what types of music move you the most??

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