Spooked About Getting an STI?

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Sadly, there really is no way to absolutely guarantee the prevention of acquiring a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) if you are engaging in partnered sexual activity. That said, just because there is inherent risk in any sexual activity with another person, doesn’t mean there aren’t safer sex practices that can significantly minimize the risk!

The most effective way to prevent STI’s is by using a male or female condom for penetration and/or a dental damn for oral sex. It’s also helpful to get tested regularly and get used to asking when the person was last tested. This can be a really difficult question for some because a lot of people are nervous they might insult the other person or, perhaps, ruin the mood. The thing is, sexy moods can easily come back if it does get a little awkward, and at the end of the day, people respect that you care about the safety of your body. Obviously, you are respecting theirs, as well!

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