Flying Solo During the Holidays?

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It’s a pretty common experience to dislike the holidays if you’re single. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been trained to think of the “perfect” holiday season as one where you’re snuggled up by the fire with that special someone and have that person to go ice skating in Central Park with? Regardless, if you are single, the holiday season doesn’t have to be terrible, and can even be – dare I say – enjoyable??

Here are just a few (of many) ways to approach the next six weeks if you are flyin solo this holiday season!

Enjoy the fact that you can spend your time wherever YOU want to. You can sleep in on Christmas morning, spend hours binge-watching holiday movies or whatever the hell you want to watch, and show up to the family dinner late or not at all  – although I wouldn’t necessarily advocate avoiding friends and family solely because of your relationship status!! Just enjoy the fact that you can show up in your own special style!

? Relish in the ability to spend your money wherever or however you darn well please! Whether it’s spending the lion’s share of your hard earned money on those adorable nieces and nephews or on an entire box of your favorite wine, you can make the holidays just a bit more enjoyable by embracing the luxury of having sole financial decision making!

? Make new non-romantic-relationship traditions! One of the funnest memories I had last year was when a bunch of my girlfriends through a valentine’s party for just us gals! We even exchanged gifts! It was so fun (and meaningful) to celebrate our friendship on a holiday that is usually meant for the lover faces.

? Learn something new! This can be something like trying out that fun recipe you saw pop up on your newsfeed so you can take it to the holiday dinner or learning a new skill that’s completely unrelated to the holidays like taking a cooking glass or starting guitar lessons! Who cares! Your time is your time to claim – so claim it by doing something you enjoy!

? Focus on making other people smile. Thinking about a gift that will really make someone smile on Christmas morning or coming up with a unique new connecting tradition to do with the whole family can really warm the heart and place the true focus of the holidays on all of the important relationships in our lives.

?‍♀️ Enforce healthy boundaries with your family (if you’re spending time with your family this holiday season. There is nothing more like the death by a thousand paper-cuts that is the relentless questioning of “so are you dating someone special?” or “why are you still single?” You don’t have to subject yourself to this over and over! Simply change the subject to how work is going or the latest project you’ve become interested in! You can even nicely tell them you aren’t interested in talking about your dating life. They’ll catch on and might even become better conversationalists as a result!

? Spend time with other single people talking about similar interests, where you’d like to travel next, and pretty much anything other than romance!


If you have any other tips, post them below!!


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