Life is More Than Checkboxes

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Wow, it sure can be hard to remember this! While the ever present check boxes, endless lists, daily to-dos, and the seemingly tangible accomplishments can be helpful and even comforting – focusing on them too much can eventually lead to a life devoid of connection, excitement, curiosity and pleasure.

You know that whole balance thing? Yeah, it’s real and, at least for me, is something I have to continually cultivate in my life. One of the ways I do this is I make sure to listen to music at least once per day. I know this is bonkers that I have to prioritize something that is so core to who I am, but I have found that if I don’t, I will become preoccupied with listening to all of my political/cultural podcasts, or the latest book I am needing to get through and the amount of music in my life will begin to diminish and my world becomes less enjoyable, less meaningful, and a hell of a lot less pleasurable!

If this resonates with you, what are some of the ways that you cultivate balance in a world that pushes us to focus way too much on the check boxes?

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