Why Do People Have Sexual Fantasies?

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Why do people fantasize about sexual scenarios??

A colleague of mine Mary Fisher was recently at the Sexceptional Weekend and learned the following.

People fantasize??‍?:

? To experience arousal (80%)

? Curiosity about different experiences and sensations (69.8%)

?‍♀️ Escape reality (59.4%)

?‍♀️ To meet unfulfilled sexual desires (59%)

? Plan a future encounter (55.7%)

?‍♀️ Relax or reduce anxiety (43.6%)

? Boredom (40%)

? Feel more confident (32.5%)

? Meet unfulfilled emotional needs (29.8%)

?  Block distractions during sex (19.8%)

? Compensate for an undesirable partner (11.8%)

Thanks for sharing such interesting information, Mary! If you want to learn more about the latest research in human sexual fantasies be sure to get Justin Lehmiller’s book Tell Me What You Want !!

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